Episode 49: Mandisa wakes us up!

So, Jenn has the hookups and got us an amazing interview with the president of Black Nonbelievers Inc., Mandisa Thomas! She tells us about her incredible journey and fills us in on being black in the atheist community. Oh, and she helps Jenn promo NaNoCon, so check out their incredible group and then sign up to see both Jenn and Mandisa for real at the convention!





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  1. I tried to listen to this podcast but I found Jenn to be way too intrusive. She seems to have made herself the focus of the interview with constant interruptions and forcing us to listen to her experiences instead of letting Mandisa talk and share with us. In the end, I had to turn it off. Jenn, please let the guest speak and tell their story. You should not be the center of the interview.

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