Episode 25: A Submissive Named Christopher

Guess who’s back! Back again! That’s right, Hanna and Tanner decided that they had not had enough punishment at our hands and thus returned for another round table discussion on Game of Thrones, presuppositional apologetics and their recent-ish debate, and wrap up with a heated discussion on the recent incident involving Jared Fogle in prison, inspired by an article by Sarah Morehead. Oh, we also have a cameo appearance by another member of the atheist community.

The Sarah Morehead article can be found here!

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  1. got so many questions guys. just found your show, loved it so far, this was the first epiosde i have ever listened to of u guys, and GOT stuff was golden.

    anywya my ??S

    who are those that debated? wht are tehir names? where can i listen to the debate? i kept fast forwarding and Rewinding to try to find names but i gave up. so please fucking give me links about these poeple and the debate. ASAP

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