Who We Are

Two atheists and insomniacs who managed to come together courtesy of Facebook and decided to throw their voices into the world.

Keith adopted the insomniac title because he would rather stay up late than sleep. He accomplishes this by working the night shift. He has no kids that he is aware of. He is the resident Canadian. If you don’t like the sound quality, it is probably his fault. All posts by him will be signed -CK because Canadian Keith, not the clothing brand.

Jenn is a legitimate insomniac. She is also a mother of a pretty badass kid who rocks the face off his drumkit. She also is a born and bred New Yorker who won’t put up with any crap. Seriously, she is slightly scary when angry. Don’t make fun of her height.

After her relocation from New York to the south, she was stunned at the level of bigotry, hate and exclusiveness of the religious community, she vowed to speak out and stand for those who found themselves without a voice and become an advocate for those who have been left without a voice in their own communities


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